How Works

It begins with a captioner, who is listening to a live event at the same time as the user. The captioner writes the audio portion of the event using captioning technology. This technology and the skill and training of the captioner allows them to reach speeds up to 250 words per minute. This is the same technology that is used for captioning live TV. Using Caption Colorado's advanced technology, the captioned text produced by the captioner is streamed to the system allowing the text of the event to be displayed on a Smartphone and/or Tablet.

An example of in use is a live sporting game at a stadium. Here the captioner connects to the Public Address (PA) system to receive audio. The spoken speech on the PA system is captioned (realtime text) by the captioner and sent to the Smartphone and/or Tablet via the application. The user will be able to read along on their Smartphone and/or Tablet and have access to the spoken speech on the PA system providing full access to what is happening at the game.

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