How to Use

Using with your Smartphone and/or Tablet Devices
To View a Demo
Speaking Into an Event

Using with Smartphone and/or Tablet Devices
  1. Turn on the Smartphone and/or Tablet
  2. Open a web browser and navigate to
  3. From login screen, enter your name in the Name field
  4. Enter your event ID (this will be provided when you attend or order an event). To see a demo enter 999999998
  5. Select Join
  6. If you do not see your event text, please see Troubleshooting
  7. When event completes, please shut down your web browser

To View a Demo

To view a live demo you may enter 999999998 for Event ID on the login screen of the application. If you do not see text within 1 minute please see Troubleshooting

Speaking Into an Event

Certain events allow for users to "speak" into the event by passing a message through the captioner. When the captioner receives a message from a participant they will read the message aloud, for the benefit of hearing participants, and simultaneously caption the message into the event. If your event has this service enabled, you may speak into the event as follows:

  1. If this service is enabled for your event, a toolbar will display at the bottom of the screen
  2. Type your message in the text field which appears on the toolbar
  3. When your message is complete, select "Send" on the toolbar

Should you wish to have Speak Into Event enabled for your event, you can simply let us know at the time that you order captioning. When this facility is not enabled for an event, the Speak Into Event tooblar be unavailable.

Note: Speaking into an event does not make use of SMS, MMS or other messaging services managed by your wireless provider. There is no impact on the number of text messages you've sent relative to your wireless service contract as a result of using the Speak Into Event functionality. Wireless data rates do, however, apply.

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